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Our Rainforest Alliance beans are imported green from Colombia & lovingly hand air roasted in Braunton by Greg of Kope Coffee Roasters in small batches of no more than a 1 kg at a time to ensure perfectly roasted coffee. We clean air roast all our beans, so all our coffee is toxin free for a natural healthy brew. Our in house baristas are trained to the highest standards by Greg. Currently our Medium Dark Roast with flavours of chocolate & toffee apple is extracted from 18 grams of espresso for 27 seconds to ensure a perfect cup every time. Our coffee is as fresh as possible. We only ever grind our beans to order. They are freshly roasted at Kope Coffee never more than a few days before and once we open a bag it is used within a day. The chemical properties of the bean, water and milk react to temperature and pressure to make a particular flavour while the skill of our baristas will ensure a perfect cup time & again.

We always have a Feature Coffee available too. Currently grinding:
Brazil: Fazenda Paredao Flavour profiles: Natural honey and chocolate undertones with apple and grape flavours coming through.


These Rainforest Alliance Brazilian single origin coffee beans are brought to us by Pedro Humberto Veloso, who has been producing speciality coffee since 1977. Fazenda Paredao is situated in the region of Cerrado Mineiro a specialty-producing region of Brazil. This is a beautiful, exotic coffee which has been carefully roasted to bring out the natural honey and chocolate undertones with apple and grape flavours coming through.

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