Kope Coffee Roasters BrauntonOur organic beans are imported green from Colombia & lovingly hand roasted by Greg of Kope Coffee Roasters in small batches of no more than a 1 kg at a time to ensure perfectly roasted coffee. Our in house baristas are trained to the highest standards by Greg. Currently our Medium Dark Roast with flavours of chocolate & toffee apple is extracted from 18 grams of espresso for 27 seconds to ensure a perfect cup every time. Our coffee is as fresh as possible. We only ever grind our beans to order. They are freshly roasted at Kope Coffee never more than a few days before and once we open a bag it is used within a day. The chemical properties of the bean, water and milk react to temperature and pressure to make a particular flavour while the skill of our baristas will ensure a perfect cup time & again.

We always have a Feature Coffee available too. Currently grinding:


Flavour profiles: Dark Chocolate, Lychee, Nutmeg, Lemon Acidity.


A delicious coffee with a heavy body, smooth dark chocolate notes with a hint of spice, lychee and lemon acidity.
This coffee makes a great, full-bodied espresso and works well as a delicious filter too!

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